Our Mission:

To build lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and a high level of prompt, personal, and professional services. In other words, we aim to treat you the way we would want to be treated.

Our Philosophy:

At Carolina Benefits & Planning, Inc., our objective is to lead our clients to the best possible solution for their needs.  We strive to understand each individual client so that we may not only consider every aspect of their business, but offer an excellent customer service experience.  Whether you are an individual, a small group (2-49 members), or a large group (50+ members), Carolina Benefits and Planning will work with you to create a strategy that addresses your unique situation.  Ultimately, we measure our success by our ability to help our clients reach their employee benefit goals.

Carolina Benefits & Planning, Inc. believes in having a solid core benefit offering that includes group health insurance, disability insurance and life insurance.  All insurance is not created equal, so Trent has developed the following rules for helping individuals and groups determine when they should take on the risk themselves by NOT purchasing insurance, and what essential/necessary coverage they should have.  These two rules are as follows:

Rule #1 – Catastrophic Risk Coverage-- If a risk that if realized would financially devastate you, then you should purchase insurance coverage.  (This should be fairly obvious, but the level of risk that it would take to financially devastate someone is different from person to person or business to business.)

Rule #2 – Infrequent Recurrence Coverage- You should not purchase insurance for a risk that happens frequently. (A risk that happens all the time or at regular intervals will require a premium that will cover the risk and provide a profit for taking the risk. This risk is better handled by the individual in most cases.)  An example of this would be car insurance.  You have coverage for the possibility of a major accident that totals your car (hopefully this happens infrequently), but you would not purchase coverage for the risk of needing gas each week since this happens so frequently.

We also promote the use of tax advantaged account (i.e. HSA, FSA, HRA) when appropriate to manage smaller more predictable risks. We offer set-up, education and ongoing customer service that helps to integrate these tax advantaged accounts with customized insurance plans to provide the best possible outcome for the least amount of investment.

We are confident that healthcare will prove to be the number one expense for most people during their lifetime. Our decision to concentrate our time and efforts on health insurance and the core pieces of a solid employee benefit package that surround it will make CB&P a valued partner for employers who are committed to providing healthcare coverage to their employees now and in the future.  [/accordion]

Why use a Broker?

In North Carolina, for groups of 50 or less, brokers’ fees are included in the cost of Health Insurance rates whether or not you have a broker. Why spend your time and energy on benefits and insurance when you can have a professional provide.

  • An in-house customer service representative that deals directly with the insurance company
  • A timeline that allows an opportunity for evaluation and changes before renewal
  • On-site employee meetings and training[/accordion]