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Employers must make a decision about how they will address ACA reporting.  This decision will be based on several factors including but not limited to; number of employees, budget constraints, employee turnover, and wether or not they are fully or self-insured.

We have tried to do some due diligence to narrow down vendor options. Below are some resources to get you started on your search for a solution.


is a NC-based small business that noticed a need for a stand-alone, cost-effective solution for small employers (less than 250 employees).  This solution will require the employer to gather all of the needed information and input into an Excel spreadsheet.  However, no need to create a whole new process or pay monthly for a service that you need once a year.


  • Not available for those offering self-funded plans at this point
  • Not available for employers filing 250+ W2’s

1095 EZ Online – Presentation

ACA Reporting Service

built-by prior benefit brokers, this stand-alone service also offers a cost-effective solution without long-term commitments/contracts.  They can help with fully-insured or self-funded plans and have the capability to e-file for those filing 250+ W2’s.

ACA Reporting Service Presentation



for employers needing additional support than provided by a stand-alone product, there are more robust systems available.  While these solutions will be more costly, they will help accurately account for timely assessment of employee counts/eligibility.  This support will help alleviate potential risks for some employers.

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